I have been taught by my elders that everything comes to you at the right time, and that we should learn to be patient. But today, I met a person, whose life achievements teach us that, the right time to do anything is today itself. Age or for that matter, any other thing does not matter.


      Today, I met Shri. Narendra Kumar , who is working as a Executive Director (Operation and Maintenance) at GAIL (India) Limited. He is about to retire this year. He is a fitness enthusiast. He is no less than an inspiration. He sits on the 20th floor at GAIL Jubilee Tower and uses stairs to climb up 20 floors daily.SHAURYA --MODIFIED

You all must be thinking that ‘What is the need to push yourself so hard.’. Well he said:

“Energy does not always come from food. It comes from the mind. When you think that you can achieve something than you can do it. Its all in the mind. Once you achieve it, it gives you happiness and motivates you to keep doing it’. 

It takes me 7 minutes to climb 20 floors and 6 minutes to climb down. On the contrary, if I take lift for the same purpose, I will have to wait for the lift to come down and this whole process will take 10 minutes. So this way I save some time and do some physical exercise at the same time.
What was your age when you started physical activities?

      I started very late. I have never been a sports person. I started playing outdoor games from the age of 48 when I was posted at KG Basin. Earlier I use to suffer from back pain and I was bed ridden for long duration. I thought that my body should be flexible, so I started playing golf, badminton, lawn tennis, volleyball etc.

      I started swimming. It seemed difficult initially, however with the passage of time, I started to enjoy it. One fine day, on my birthday, I did 53 rounds of the pool, i.e. equal to quarter to 4 kms.  I started marathon, at the age of 51 (my first half marathon). My family also motivated me and now they also run marathon with me. I heard that IDBI is organizing full marathon (42 kms) in Delhi, so I registered myself for it and have completed it 2 times.  This time, it will be my third full marathon.

    Then, I came to know about Triathlon. There is a Olympic Level in triathlon where the participant has to swim 2 kms, then cycle 40 kms and lastly run 10 kms in a time span of 5 hours. Initially, I thought that I will not be able to complete it in 5 hours duration, however, I did it in 3 hours, 45 minutes.

 What improvements have you noticed in your health, since you started physical activity?
I use to have severe back pain but now there is no such problem any more. I keep on doing some physical activity like yoga, walking, running. And now I feel much happy than before. Surprisingly, I also got rid of bad hand allergy, that I was having earlier. I think sweat helps you get rid of all the bad poisons in the body and makes you fit.

       This kind of effort, what I feel,  is an exercise of mind. You just need to motivate your mind towards achieving the impossible. Because someone rightly said that nothing is impossible. So go out, find your impossible task and make efforts to make it possible. I believe that health is happiness. Challenges make you tough and tough people have more chances of achieving there goals. So challenge yourself today to overcome your fears and be successful.

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