First Prime minister who has been criticized for working hard.

Since last few days, I have seen quite a few jokes on Narendra Modi’s foreign visits….and people are curious why Narendra Modi visits many countries & what is India achieving from it. %e0%a4%ae%e0%a5%8b%e0%a4%a6%e0%a5%80-%e0%a4%9c%e0%a5%80

Few hidden (because the mainstream media   purposely ignore them) Some achievements are given below:

  • BJP Govt. convinced Saudi Arabia not to charge —“ On-Time Delivery 1 Premium charges on Crude Oil”– Young Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan & External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj sealed the deal. Saved the country thousands of crores…
  • India will build 4 Hydroelectric power stations + Dams in Bhutan (India will get lion’s share in Green energy that will be produced in the future from these projects) . .
  • India will build the Biggest ever dam of Nepal (China was trying hard to get that) – India will get 83% Green energy produce from that hydropower station for free (in future..)
  • Improved relationship with Japan and they agreed to invest $ 30Billion in DMIC (Delhi –Mumbai Investment Corridor)..This project is an exclusive rail line project for fast transportation.
  • An increased strategic relationship with Vietnam and They have now agreed to give contract of Oil exploration to ONGC-Videsh (UPA was not ready to take this at all because they were worried about China – and getting into a conflict of interests on south China sea)NaMo is not scared of China because he has international backing.
  • Increase Oil Imports from Iran, despite the ban by the USA….(You can see how the USA twists other countries for its selfish interest) Iran, agreed to sell in Indian Rupees and it saved our Forex, not just for now, but protected India from future currency fluctuations. India also gets to build “Chabahar” port of Iran, encircling Pakistan. Because we will have exclusive access for our Naval ships in this port. This is to control Pak’s undesirable designs.
  • Australia- despite Australia being a major supplier of Coal n Uranium. . .NaMo was able to convince Tony Abbott and now Australia will supply Uranium for our energy production. . .
  • President Rajapakse lost elections in Sri Lanka – Remember UPA lost “Hambantota” port development – read the latest report of CIA, where they mention RAW has played a major role in power shift of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has backed out of Chinese contract and shifted to Indian project managers.
  • With China, as Trade Deficit was increasing, NaMo forced their hand. Anti-Dumping will come soon so China will invest heavily into India. – China has already committed $ 20 billion Investment in India. That’s nearly ₹140,000 crores.
  • On Security – adding Ajit Doval to his team is the best decision by NaMo. See the recent tie-up with Pentagon, Israel & Japan.  Now see how we stopped the Terror Boat from Pak near Mumbai from attacking Mumbai once again and listen to NaMo … “Any Mumbai like an attack from Pak and Pak will lose Baluchistan!” That’s the language of deterrence that we are hearing from NaMo. We won’t hit first, but if you do, we surely won’t turn the other cheek…. . . .
  • India approved the border road in the NorthEast and around India- China border –Remember just because of China’s opposition, the ADB (Asian Development Bank) didn’t give us funds during UPA regime and UPA held that file under “Environment Ministry control – Remember the infamous “JAYANTHI TAX ..!” No one bothered about the disastrous effect on our armed forces.
  • India managed to bring back 4,500+ Indians from War zone in Yemen and also brought foreign nationals of 41 different countries, which put India’s name onto the highest platform globally in conducting that rescue mission – NaMo especially talked to the new Saudi Arabian King Salman and told him to allow Indian Airforce planes to fly – as Saudi Arabia was attacking Yemen and Yemen skies were declared NO-FLY ZONE: thanks to this we got an assured clear window of a few hours and guys guess who coordinated this? Ajit Doval, Sushma Swaraj and Gen V K Singh. (All in person..) When was the last time you ever heard of ministers involved personally in such efforts that didn’t fetch thousands of crores?? Guess the religion of those rescued..? But it isn’t secular.
  • India’s Air defense was getting weaker by the day, UPA was very happy to let it happen despite repeated specific inputs from the armed forces, NaMo renegotiated Rafale fighter Jets deal with France personally and bought 36 Jets on ASAP basis. At better than rack rates. No middlemen, no commissions…
  • For the first time after 42 yrs Indian NaMo visited Canada not to attend some meeting but as a specific state visit, in a Bilateral deal, India was able to convince to Canada to supply Uranium for India’s Nuclear reactors for next 5 years. It will be of great help to Resolve India’s Power problems. . . .
  • Canada approves visa on arrival for all Indian tourists. . . B’cos of NaMo
  • Till recently we were exclusively buying Nuclear Reactors from Russia or USA and it was much like begging kind of situation because they were worried about the usage of Nuclear reactor for some other use. So only what they opted to give us, we could get. .Now NaMo was able to convince France and now France will make Nuclear reactors with the latest technology in India – On ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ efforts.. with collaboration with an Indian company as a partner. . .
  • During 26th Jan. visit of Barack Obama, NaMo convinced the USA to drop rule of Nuclear fuel tracking and sorted out Liabilities rules which now open the gates for next 16 Nuclear power plant projects. . . . Isn’t that good enough to improve the power situation in India..?

The paid media will ensure you never get to hear this… Spread the word.


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